By | June 14, 2017

If you are a newbie in marijuana smoking, this is the article just for you. There are different equipment for smoking marijuana that you can test to find out which one suits you best. Gone are the days when smoking marijuana was limited to rolling up a joint. You can now get a ton of equipment that has made the smoking experience easier, cheaper, healthier, and definitely classy. Remember, smoking marijuana is not only limited to the poor and junkies anymore. The rich and middle-class populaces are also joining in the movement whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. To keep up with demands for classy equipment, designers have been busy. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.


This is the most popular marijuana smoking equipment out there. It is basically made up of a tank of water and a pipe for inhaling the smoke. The water cleans out some of the nasty chemicals found in burned marijuana and also cools the smoke. This leaves you with a healthier version of the smoke for inhalation making it easier on the lungs. Bongs can, however, be used dry is if there is no water handy.

Bongs can be easily crafted at home using plastic jars at, but you can always purchase a glass, metal or stone one. If using a plastic bong, ensure that none of the plastic is in contact with the heat. Plastic fumes are not good for you. They can also be used individually or shared among different users so that you don’t have to pass the pipe around. To buy yourself a bong, visit and order one. You will also get other marijuana equipment on the site.


Many people think that pipes are only used to smoke tobacco. Well, they can also be used to smoke marijuana. They are actually very classy and come in different shapes and sizes. The most common pipes are either wooden or metallic. People have, however, come up with innovative ways of rigging up their own pipes using plastic bottles. Once again, burning plastic is harmful to your health.


This is the latest equipment in marijuana smoking. A vaporizer does exactly what its name suggests. It vaporizes the marijuana through catalytic combustion making it the healthiest way of smoking marijuana. It does away with the harsh chemicals associated with burning marijuana. The equipment almost looks like a bong, but it works differently from a bong as explained. As such, marijuana smoked in this way is really easy on the lungs and is best for those using it for medicinal purposes such as in lung disease. Additionally, despite the initial cost of purchasing the device, smoking marijuana using a vaporizer is cheaper since it uses a fraction of the weed used during combustion with the other equipment. The weed also lasts longer giving you value for money spent. Most vaporizers are electrically powered and come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

There are many ways of smoking marijuana depending on which one works best for you. Test all this equipment and figure out which one you prefer best

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