By | December 10, 2017

In the field of bodybuilding, and sports in general, there is a subject that is difficult to avoid, that of doping. For, even though the majority of practitioners try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to their diet, a minority uses steroids and can buy these steroids onlineThese substances, no longer reserved for a handful of athletes, tend to invade some gyms and therefore to involve more people. This article has an informative purpose and will not encourage you to consume steroids, because it is better to know what it returns to better away from it.

Steroids, what is it?

Steroids are products derived from testosterone, a hormone that is found mainly in men and is largely responsible for muscle growth. This explains why women have fewer muscles than men because they have much lower levels of testosterone in their body.

The anabolic steroids are chemically modified to obtain substances with different properties are more or less powerful. They are then used in medicine to treat certain patients with, for example, cancer or AIDS, but also burn victims or children who are stunted.

However, some strength athletes also use them to increase their muscle mass and their performance. In high doses, anabolic steroids are very powerful for this. This is the reason why so many practitioners are attracted by their use. But what some people do not know is that muscle gain is just one effect among many. However, the other effects can be very dangerous.

Health risks

In addition to the effects on muscle growth, steroids also have the power to drastically increase your “bad” cholesterol levels while reducing “good” levels. Steroids can therefore have an impact on your cardiovascular health.

In addition, steroids also increase blood pressure , a more pronounced effect when using products that are largely converted to estrogen or progesterone. This increase in blood pressure has a negative impact on your heart.

Another harmful effect, steroids can be toxic to the liver. This is generally the case for those who are swallowing (dianabol for example) and who have been modified to not be destroyed by this body. The problem is that at such high doses, the liver suffers enormously, especially if it is not protected by concomitant use of other products (e.g. legalon) or if the practitioner also takes other substances that weaken the liver (alcohol). Oral use is often limited to 6-week periods for this reason. They cause scars in the liver, scars that do not disappear!

A problem for hormone production

Paradoxically, taking anabolic steroids can prevent you from producing your own hormones forever. The explanation is quite simple. Since you are giving your body a massive dose of testosterone, it no longer needs to produce it and will rest. However, the longer the steroids, the longer the body takes time to resume testosterone productionIn some cases, this production does not restart at all, the practitioner does not produce any more testosterone in a natural way.

In addition, as the testicles are responsible for making testosterone, they will shrink during the cure, since they no longer have such an important role. Some therefore use substances to reduce this phenomenon (HCG injection) and also take other drugs to boost their production of natural testosterone (Nolvadex, Clomid and HCG), during the famous end-of-cycle therapy (PCT).

It should be noted that before about 23 years, these glands, responsible for producing testosterone, have not fully completed their development. Taking steroids during this period is therefore even more risky.

Other undesirable effects

The increase of testosterone in the body can trigger the same phenomena that usually occur in adolescence, period during which hormones are in turmoil. Obviously, the higher the dose of testosterone, the more powerful these phenomena will be.

It may be, for example, acne that covers the face, but also the back, an unattractive consequence. Adolescence can also be marked by gynecomastia, that is, nipple swelling. At this time, this phenomenon is limited and resorbs itself. But, with steroids, this swelling may be more important and some will end up with breasts. It must then go through a treatment or surgery to remove them.