By | December 16, 2017

Spirulina is a nutrient-rich functional food from nature that has long proven its beneficial effects on human health. But even owners of pets, whether dogs, horses or cats, can sustain the health of their four-legged friends by feeding spirulina. Spirulina dog protein powder is thus an ideal nutrient supply for pets for an optimally functioning gastrointestinal flora, for a shiny coat, healthy skin and a good immune system. The spirulina supplement, for example in the form of powder, is gratefully accepted and very well tolerated by most pets.

The wide range of natural protein, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, phytochemicals and nutrients is found in no other food or in any other plant. All active ingredients in spirulina Food supplements for pets are of natural origin and for this reason alone are preferable to synthetic vitamin supplements. Many synthetic minerals and vitamins are not well tolerated by cats, dogs or horses or the animals are even allergic. The purely natural Spirulina extract, however, is considered very well tolerated, optimally bioavailable and also applicable in animals with allergies or sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

Spirulina for dogs

Spirulina is a true vitamin bomb for every type of dog. For the dog owner is an advantage that spirulina can be stored very easily and for a long time and as an excellent feed supplement for the dog is also inexpensive. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients Spirulina should be used for dogs only for a limited period in the form of a cure.


For example, adding Spirulina as a supplement to a dog over a period of 4-6 weeks has proven to be ideal for the animal to reap the full benefits of all its effects. However, the duration of application also depends on what is ultimately to be achieved with the administration of spirulina. After the treatment as a cure, a two-month break is taken, after which the Spirulina cure can be repeated. In dogs too, supplementing spirulina must be dependent on the body weight of an animal. The Spirulina powder for dogs is best dosed with the help of a teaspoon. Animals weighing up to 10 kg receive half a teaspoon of Spirulina powder per day. Dogs weighing up to 20 kg body weight will receive about one teaspoon of the powder per day. And every dog,

Spirulina has been found to be a naturopathic ingredient that vitalises and strengthens the entire canine organism. Bones and teeth are strengthened, digestive problems are solved. Due to its odor-neutralizing effect, Spirulina also helps to prevent malodour without the need for special medical findings. Spirulina powder can be a real alternative for dog deodorants. Unfortunately, overweight animals are no longer a rarity. Spirulina also helps these dogs with its slightly appetite suppressing effect. When feeding Spirulina, feeding does not matter, so Spirulina can be administered in a raw meat diet as well as dry or wet food. The high-dose spirulina-containing antioxidants beta-carotene and phycocyanin have a very positive effect on the development of the animal’s immune system, which is why spirulina can be used as a nutritional supplement for dog puppies. The susceptibility to infectious diseases can be significantly reduced by Spirulina, a cure is therefore quite useful before dog fights.