By | May 9, 2017

One of the basic sign that a person may require a glass is the difficult to read any sign.  There are additional other clues which can state that a person required glasses or not.  Eye vision problems are very common and almost 60% of world population required a vision correction method. But, the best news is that 80 % of such problems can be easily avoided. One need to simply identify the symptoms so that an accurate diagnosis of vision problem can take place.

Below are reasons that you may require a Home EyeTest:

  1. Blurred vision

If you are not able to recognize a person 15 steps away or you are finding it difficult to read a magazine then you may have developed or may be in an initial stage of farsightedness or near-sightedness. If you are finding it difficult to see an object near or far away then this may be due to the curvature of the cornea.

  1. Difficulty seeing at night

If you feel you can no longer see an object in a night or read newspaper early, then this may the initial sign of cataracts, it is advisable to get it examined soon.

  1. Troubles adjusting from dark to light

If you are finding more time to adjust after seeing from bright lights at home or highways then it may be due to the iris muscle weakening. It generally happens when the iris contract and expand have issues, it can also be because of age and other similar factors.

  1. Difficulty at the computer

If you are finding it difficult to work or read on the computer this may be due to the issue of farsightedness. You can keep the same font size and distance to examine the vision.

  1. Eye strain

If reading for 20 minutes is creating a strain on eyes then this may be due to eye fatigue.  It can also cause blurry vision and you may bring the object closer to get into focus. This can be due to driving, working on the computer, mobile phones etc.

  1. Frequent headaches

Small muscles present in the eyes are forced to work hard due to the effect on cornea and lens. This may cause eyes to strain and it may also create headaches. These conditions may require glasses.

  1. Double vision:

Apart from drinking, double vision can create serious troubles. Double vision may be due to other issues in cornea or eye muscles, it can also be due to cataracts. A doctor visit will help you to get a solution.

  1. Eye pressure

If you can sense a pressure behind the eyes, it can be due to glaucoma.  The pressure may occur due to damage caused by the optic nerves that transmit images to the brain. This can be easily treated but definitely, needs a doctor’s examination.

  1. Seeing halos

Seeing halos may be symptoms of developing cataracts, it can also be due to night vision issues.

10. Wavy vision

When the straight line appears to be stored this can be due to deterioration of the central portion of the retina. This can also damage the vision if not treated on time.