By | August 9, 2017

A person should take care of his teeth to prevent the tooth decay. Well, the adults needs to visit the dentist at least once in 2 years while the under 18 children should visit at least each year. By doing this, you are avoiding the risk of the problem getting severe enough. You have to suffer a lot if your problem go in serious condition. To deal with the problems in mouth and teeth then it is important for you to go the dentist because much of the problem are known during the check-up. There are some tooth facts which tell us the signs of tooth decay. You should  be active in taking the decision against the problem if spotted.

Toothache is believed to be one of the sign of tooth decay. Well, other issues can also cause it to happen but it is also directly related to the tooth decay because it may happen during the process of tooth decay. It sometimes get serious if the toothache is not reducing or does not seem to end then you must get a check-up on serious notes. It is considered the biggest symptom of tooth decay as it appears at the start of tooth decomposition.

Another symptom of the tooth decay is the malevolent and nasty smell from the mouth. It can be the result as tooth decay means the dying away and the decomposition of the tooth. Nasty smells are expected during this process. This is another sign of the starting of the tooth decay.

Sensitivity can be one of the consequence. As the tooth is dying it becomes more sensitive and it will start showing more nerves. This can cause pain abnormally. If the person can feel how weak his teeth has become or if he feels much pain during eating and drinking then that person has to take an appointment of the dentist.

During the process of tooth decay you can see little change in color of your teeth. If you can easily see the brown, black or grey spots on your teeth then that means you have a tooth decay. On this stage you need utter need to go to the dentist. It might be rather puzzling because the stains can be from the drinks or the food you eat. So, here you have to think sensibly as these stains are not the signs of tooth decay.

Tooth decay cannot only cause the nasty smell to be produced in the mouth but it also changes your taste for food. The decaying tooth can cause very bad taste which can be worse in the morning after sleep. If it does not seem to end then you should be more cautious as it is one of the symptom of tooth decay. It is the indication for you to visit the dentist immediately before it start getting worse. It can cause serious problems if it continue to occur.