By | April 4, 2017

Hearing aids are the devices that come useful when the hearing power is lost in humans. Visiting an expert and knowing what kind of hearing problem one person is having. There are different styles of hearing aids a person can use. All different types of hearing aid are available at

The various types of styles used in Hearing Aids are:

  • Behind the Ear Style: The Behind the Ear (BTE) style hearing aid is the device in crescent shell shape which is wearable behind the ears. It is generally connected with the flexible tube that is fixed while moving the head. The Proper advice on this type of hearing aid is available at The sound gets into the tube and through it reaches the ear. The device is easy to operate and interprets more signal variance. It has a compatible size and with easy controls, it becomes handier to use.
  • Inside the ear style: The Inside the ear (ITE) style comes in a compatible component. The component itself is made of acrylic material or hard plastic. There is a volume controller in the device which comes handy in crowded situations. ITE device is chargeable and due to this factor, it has a, smaller size. The only drawback of this device is that its components can be damaged due to ear drainage and earwax. With the size durability and chargeable battery, it is a more recommendable device.
  • In the Canal Style: The In the Canal (ITC) style device is made to be wearable within the canal of the ear. It is placed inside the ear and does not become visible from a distance. ITC comes under the category of over the counter aid hearing that has a flexible shell or multiple systems. The wearer of this device might find it difficult to remove or adjust it once it gets intact. One beneficial factor about this device that others will not notice easily that a person is wearing one of these. But if seen with keen eyes then it gets noticeable.

  • The Complete in Canal Style: The Complete in Canal (CIC) style device is very small in size. Due to its size the device can be pushed further inside near the eardrums. The speaker being at one end provides more clear sound to the wearer. The battery size is small and this makes it difficult to handle it when is not in use. The device is gaining more popularity within youngsters and among few elder people. Getting closer inside the ear provides more crystal clear sound.
  • The Open Fit Style: The Open Fit Style is the number one choice of many. Due to its popularity factor, it is available in local stores and online market. This style of the device goes behind the ear and a thin flexible wire is intact to it. There is no regular need of fitting and it comes in similar size. It also reduces own sounds, crowd noise, and sound while eating. With the use of this device, a person will not be having a problem of any infection. More of the saying is that this device is always in fashion.