By | August 7, 2017

Everyone must have heard the name of Botox if not tried it yet. This is a special injection that is used to treat the muscular conditions, as well as the wrinkles, are removed. The removal of wrinkles is treated with the help of cosmetic treatment on the paralyzed muscles. The Botox injections San Diego is actually a drug that is made from the bacterium named Clostridium Botulinum.

Working of Botox

As a matter of fact, botulinum toxin is a poisonous substance that is known to man. A research shows that a small amount of this toxin is enough to kill a large human population and some kilos of this toxin can be so dangerous that it can kill every human being present on this earth. If a high concentration of this toxin is used, it will result in the illness named botulism that will ultimately lead to death after respiratory issues. However, in spite of this fact, the demand for this drug is really high. If this is used in certain conditions with accurate dosage and regularity of treatment, it is considered to be successful in curing a number of diseases.

Use of Botox

The botox is used as a treatment for the facial wrinkles as well as the fine lines occurring because of the muscular issues. This treatment is done to improve the aesthetic appeal of a person and beyond this treatment, there are also many other medical applications of this drug. Some of those medical conditions are excessive sweating, migraine, leaky bladder and eye squits. All the diseases that can be treated through this make up a total of 20 and much more are under research. Even the chronic type of a migraine can be reduced if the right amount of Botox is inserted in the body. Also, the spasms in the shoulder and neck muscles can be made relaxed because Botox has a special effect on the paralyzing muscles.


The injection is given to a person after making a solution of Botox. The appropriate amount of this drug is diluted in the saline that is sodium chloride. Once the mixture is formed, it is then injected directly into neuromuscular tissues. The time taken by this drug to show its effect is from 24 to 72 hours. This time is taken to disrupt the process of synaptosomal in the human muscles. There are few cases in which this effect is observed in 5 days. The women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their child should not take this risk because it can prove dangerous for such conditions. Even the people having any issue of allergic reactions may have an issue with the ingredients of this drug.

Side effects after this treatment

Because this is a dangerous drug so there can be many side effects after getting it in your body even if it is in the appropriate amount. The hormonal conditions also play a great role in this regard. The normal side effects include mild pain, headache, and nausea etc.