By | November 21, 2017

Splankna is the foremost Christian-based energy psychology. The last 18 years have been spent by its developers to develop this etiquette from a fiercely Biblical standpoint. Energy Psychology is a group of healing protocols that utilize the same bodily system that acupuncture and chiropractic is based on to heal sentiments that are stored in the body from psychological disturbance.  Splankna has been expanded on the basis that there is no other way to the Father but through the Christ, His son; and from the conviction that all things belong to God; and ultimately nothing is to be discarded if it is attained with thanksgiving, for it is made divine by the word of Lord and prayer.

Ever since 1998, the most important developer of the Splankna protocol, Sarah J. Thiessen LPC, LMFT and her group have hunted to detach the created methods of Energy Psychology from New Age divinity and biblically convert these tools for the Body of Christ. The chronicle of Sarah’s backdrop and the expedition of developing the Splankna therapy practice are told in her first book, ‘Splankna: The Redemption of Energy Healing for the Kingdom of God’.

Duties of Splankna Practitioners

At present, there are over 800 trained Splankna Practitioners in the Canada, U.S., and Mexico who have zeal for Jesus and to see hearts restored to health. Sue and Dave are authorized Master Splankna Practitioners, having grown and attained their practice and skill since 2013. One elementary reason is the different perspectives on healing. A conventional medical doctor chiefly will treat physical symptoms and endeavor to target a physical breakdown as the origin of disease. Almost always, this is done through pharmaceutical medications. The Splankna Practitioners have the ability to follow the disease or illness back to the primary source in the disruption of the energies. This disorder of the energy fields may be caused from peripheral sources or from precedent generations.

Splankna Practitioners have a whole hearted desire and compassion to benefit fullness and healing to their client’s being and existence. This is benefited through the energy and power of Jesus Christ as one’s Life Source. There is a Scripture that appears to illustrate this creative energy, its source and one’s personal God as Creator as the Apostle Paul observed to the spiritual philosophers of the Areopagus. According to Splankna Therapy Institute, there is a third group that also often gets lumped in with alternative and conventional medicine — integrative medicine. Integrative medicine draws from both alternative medicine and complementary medicine and combines these with conventional Western therapies.

Energy medicine can be an influential tool in attaining wellness. Ensure to regard as all the options obtainable – including conservative medicine. Do not select a practitioner or method that is not suited to your requirements. While research may question some of the science and methods behind some kinds of energy healing, substantiation does support certain types. In reality, in some countries and among definite professions, energy work is not non-conventional medicine. It is the accepted standard.