By | May 31, 2017

Neck pain is becoming a serious issue and is affecting more than 75 percent of people who are in a regular sitting jobs. Neck pain can come about for several reasons the main one being prolonged sitting especially at work and home leading to stiffness in the joints and muscular imbalances around the neck and shoulders. Here are 5 effective ways you can reduce or prevent pain in your neck.

Consider a Chair with Neck Support


If you have a hectic schedule that involves continuous sitting for long hours, you must consider a chair with neck support so that you can rest your head back on it, therefore reducing muscle stiffness in your neck and shoulders. There are numerous chairs available in the market with proper neck support, and you can choose as per your requirements, just make sure you choose a chair with adjustable neck rest so as to provide proper comfort and support based on your height.

Stop looking down at your mobile and laptop


Text neck is considered as one of the major causes of neck since it increase tension in the muscles in both the neck and shoulders. Text next commonly occurs from looking down at your phone over longer periods of time and holds your neck in an unnaturally bent position. You should ensure to keep your neck straight while using a phone and lift your phone up rather than looking down so that you can maintain proper posture of the neck.

Sleep with a memory foam Pillow


Memory foam pillows specially designed in a way to support your neck and shoulders and effectively release stiffness and muscle strain to give you a good night sleep. Neck pain and shoulder discomfort are commonly due can be due to poor sleeping habits, and a pillow that is too firm or too soft can be a reason for acute neck pain when you wake up in the morning. Using a memory foam pillow allows your muscles to adjust as per your body’s movements and reduces the chances of muscle rigidity and tightening. It is always recommended you speak to a health professional like a chiropractor or physiotherapist to make sure you invest in a pillow suitable for you.

Eat a Magnesium rich diet


This is a more uncommon way of reducing neck pain and isn’t directly related to stopping neck pain if you are experiencing it. Keeping magnesium as a part of your diet can help prevent the occurrence of neck pain since magnesium is a mineral that assists in relaxation and contraction of the muscles which can help in stopping tightening of muscles and stiffness. Magnesium is found in vegetables and fruits like spinach, avocado and banana.

Visit a Chiropractor


Chiropractic treatment for neck pain can be extremely effective in reducing neck pain, increasing movement and stopping stiffness. A chiropractor can assess your neck to find out the underlying cause of your neck pain and undergo a full examination of the joints and muscles in your spine to identify how to stop the pain and keep it from coming back. As well as treatment a health professional can give you advice on ways to minimize the pain as well as exercises and stretches to prevent it from reoccurring.


While neck pain is becoming more common there are some easy steps you can follow to try and prevent it. Give some of these tips a go and see how much better your neck will feel!