By | December 18, 2017

For you who want to know use marijuana for medical and recreation purpose, there are some types of marijuana strains that you should now. By knowing each strain, you can choose the type that will be suitable for your specific needs. Therefore, we are going discuss briefly about Cannabis Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strain.


Indica is considered as one of the most common you marijuana strains that you can find. There are some aspects that distinguish Indica with other types of strains. First is related to its morphology. Indica has different appearance compared with the other types. Indica is a short and bushy type of cannabis or marijuana. This appearance may refer to the original place where the strain is founded. Cannabis Indica is believed to be firstly found in the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan. In that area, the climate can be so harsh. Therefore, Cannabis Indica develops thicker coast to adjust the situation. With this kind of characteristic, Indica is more suitable for indoor garden. With short and bushy appearance, indicate strains will produce heavier yields than any other strains. Indica is commonly found and grown in the areas between 30-50 degree latitude. Indicate strains have shorter maturation cycle than other strains. The shorter maturation cycle means that you can get harvest the plants more often.

There are some effects that can be felt after consuming Indica strain. Commonly, people who consume Indica strain will feel calm and relax in their entire body. Therefore, Cannabis Indica will be very effective in relieving some problems related to anxiety, insomnia, pain, and others. Besides used of medical purposes, there are some varieties of Cannabis Indica that also used for recreational purpose. Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, Blue Cheese, Blueberry and Grape Ape are some popular varieties of Cannabis Indica strain that available in the market.


Sativa or also often called as Cannabis Sativa is also one of the most common cannabis strain that can be found in medical and recreational purpose. Cannabis Sativa has different appearance with other strains. It is tall and thin cannabis. These appearances are also influenced by the origin of this strain. Cannabis Sativa is believed to firstly grow well in temperate areas that located closer to equator. With this appearance, Cannabis Sativa will grow well in outdoor garden. You can find Cannabis Sativa grow well in the area between 0-30 degrees latitude. Therefore, this cannabis strain is easier to find compared with others strains. However, it has relatively longer maturation cycle and lighter yields compared with Cannabis Indica.

There are some related effects that you will feel after consuming Cannabis Sativa. Refreshing and uplifting cerebral effects are some related effect that you will feel after consuming Cannabis sativa. Therefore, it is suitable for physical, social, and creative activity. It also will work well for relieving some symptoms such depression, fatigue, mood disorder, and other symptoms. Similar with other types of strains, Cannabis Sativa is also use in recreational purposes. There are several products that sold both legally and illegally based on this strain. Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Jack Herer, Lemon haze and Strawberry Cough are some popular varieties of Cannabis Sativa.


Hybrid is also one of cannabis strains that you can find in the market. Hybrid strain is combination between Cannabis Indica and Sativa. Hybrid strain can have various appearance based on the consistency of each straits that dominates each other. However, it will not look exactly same with each Indica and Sativa. It will take some characteristic of each strain. Because it is not considered as pure strains, hybrid stain commonly will have lower THC. Therefore, hybrid strain will only commonly be used for medical purpose. For more information about the medical purpose, you may also check here. The effect that might be felt in consuming hybrid strain will also be influenced by Indica and Sativa strain. However, there are also some hybrid strains that specially developed for recreational purpose. However, still it will not as stronger as the pure strain. Blue Dream, White Window, Pineapple Express, AK-47, Headband, Cherry pie and cheese are some popular varieties of hybrid strain.

Those are three types of marijuana strains that you should know. Each strain has its unique characteristic and effect. For medical purpose, each effect that produced by the strains can be used to relieve some specific symptoms. For recreation purpose, each strain has many different varieties that you can choose.