By | October 13, 2017

A comprehensive guide to increase your endurance in boxing! Become educated, become hardy and never get tired in the ring!

One of my weak points in all sports was not that I was not good enough. It almost always was that I did not have the energy to perform stably. In the boxing ring, I always got tired almost immediately after the gong tapped the beginning of the round. Nothing hurts me more than to see the open spaces in the defense of my opponent, and do not have the energy to throw out blows. Often at the end of the rounds, I just cowardly hid behind my defense, because I simply did not have the energy to answer back. Over time, I was just tired of losing fights when deep inside I knew that I was better as a fighter.

After gaining more experience, I finally realized that boxers get tired for two main reasons: The first reason is that the boxer does not work enough for endurance (it is easily correctable). The second reason is that the boxer is panicking, being under pressure and destroying himself psychologically (not so easy to fix). Unfortunately, for me, I suffered from both reasons and now I will tell you how to cope with them.

In this article, I will focus only on physical endurance …

Increase Physical Stamina

This part is very simple. You need to follow only and all that these tips to increase your overall physical endurance for boxing. But for better perform you should consume Agmatine Sulfate, it helps in enhancing endurance. Many athletes and bodybuilders consume the supplement to help them last longer in the gym. It can be consumed 30 minutes before a workout to increase its effects on the body.

Run 8 km per day, minimum 3-5 days a week

  • Do not run less than 8 km and do not exhaust yourself by running every day of the week.
  • Leave 2 days a week to allow your body to rest and recover.
  • Running is one of the BEST ways to improve your cardio and it is recommended, but almost all.
  • There is very little, if at all, replacing running – swimming, jumping rope.

Fast hands and feet in the last 30 seconds of the round on the bag

  • When you spend rounds on the bag, listen to the call, which will tell you that there is only 30 seconds left. Immediately when you hear this “30-second” call, start without stopping to hit the bag, throwing out only quick and direct strokes.
  • Strikes should not be powerful or sweeping. You just need to apply nonstop strokes at a very high tempo.
  • Aim at the bag at the eye level.
  • At the same time, you can raise and lower your feet on your selection, as if you are running when you apply non-stop blows to the bag.
  • This will quickly increase the endurance of your hands and the overall cardio.
  • Again, the focus is on speed and non-stop strokes.
  • Throw an endless combination until the round ends!
  • Do not forget to continue to breathe!

Start jump on the skipping rope

  • Jumping on the rope is one of the best cardio exercises.
  • It’s fun and keeps your mind focused.
  • Jumping on the rope makes you learn to relax while performing the complex work of the legs.
  • Much harder and more interesting than running.
  • Jump on the rope all the time! Take a couple of rounds of the skipping rope for a warm-up and a hitch in the days of your workouts.

Start working on pneumatic

  • Working on a pneumatic gun will increase your endurance of hands.
  • Work on it for at least 3 rounds on training days.
  • Do not get carried away and do not try to beat too fast.
  • Just a slow, but constant pace without pauses has a greater impact.

The result

Physically, you will just invest in the work. From hard work on endurance, you cannot escape when you train in order to become a serious athlete. Boxing is not an entertaining sport that you can practice twice a year when the season comes. It requires a little bit of determination and if you make an effort, you will get all the benefits. Train and thanks for reading!