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The government of Singapore believes in traditional Chinese medicine and it plans to invest ten million Singapore dollars into supporting and developing the Chinese medicine niche. This proposed investment was announced via the Senior Minister of State for Health. This minister, whose name is Chee Hong Tat, announced the new initiative on the second of August, 2017.

Mr. Chee made the announcement during a convocation ceremony which was held at the Nanyang Technological University. This educational facility is known as NTU for short and it has a Biomedical Science and Chinese Medicine program. The Senior Minister of State for Health plans to earmark five million Singapore dollars for a traditional Chinese Medicine developmental grant.

This grant will fund part of the development and training of traditional Chinese medicine pros who are registered. It’s also designed to offer funding to traditional Chinese medicine course providers that are accredited. As well, money will be utilized in order to support clinics which offer TCM by allowing the clinics to purchase the latest technology. Grant applications may be submitted as of January of 2018.

Another five million Singapore dollars will be earmarked for a research grant for traditional Chinese medicine. This grant was actually set up three years ago and it’s designed to fund research of the collaborative type, which is focused on easing the symptoms of chronic health conditions which are common among Singapore citizens. Thus far, research has produced positive results.

To cite an example, a research partnership between Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution and the Singapore Eye Research Institute has shown that acupuncture treatment benefits those with dry eye health issues. It dramatically reduces redness which is conjunctival, versus the usage of artificial tears.

Extra money which is being added to this grant will allow for new collaborations between key players in the TCM niche, public health care researchers and educational facilities. The additional funding should make these collaborations possible for another five years. This information comes from the Minister, Mr. Chee.

The grant’s scope has also been expanded by the Ministry, in order to cover research for a range of TCM therapies, from Taiji exercise to Tuina massage to the utilization of herbs which are TCM-approved.

The Ministry encourages health care pros and the scientific community to remain open-minded when it comes to assessing the value of traditional Chinese medicine. In the viewpoint of the Ministry, there is great value in the health care community, scientific community and TCM community coming together. It’s an innovative approach which will foster collaborations between modern medical experts, cutting-edge scientists and TCM experts (who are referencing the oldest health care traditions and therapies).

Singapore Is Open to the Future

Singapore does have a progressive government which is open to change for a better future. The government is planning to evolve health care in order to meet the needs of an aging population and the additional funding for TCM may be part of this initiative.

Baby Boomers in Singapore are getting older and they’ll need more health care services as they age.

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